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Crystal Rofkahr

PhD Psychology
Fayetteville, Arkansas
Dr. Rofkahr’s purpose on this earth is to help people transform their lives and find their inner resources. This transformation happens day by day. It takes practice, awareness, and support to learn new habits that can change your life. If an individual can awaken to their daily choices, they can start to create the life they have always dreamed. She has had the opportunity to study with the world’s experts on mind, body, and soul healing. Through this training, Crystal has learned that all of our distress physical, psychological, and spiritual is interwoven like a spider web. It is impossible to pull one string of the web without impacting all the other parts of the web. "My passion is to help people reconnect those pieces of their web that have been torn and to learn how to move through life in a more connected and nourished way.”  

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